Once Upon a Time is Real in Nordigard Blessom Farm

Nordigard Blessom Farm is the source-material for fairy tale settings. The rustic setting creates the image in your mind of a family gathered around the fire listening stories being told by elderly grandparents. You can just picture the Brothers Grimm sitting at their feet, soaking in the rhymes and tales.

nordigard blessom farm entrance with yard view

The farm dates back to the 17th century, and has functioned since that time as an operational sheep-farm, and during the summer, the sheep are present grazing in the hills around the farm. The family still lives on the farm, in a separate house, and act as hosts for this picturesque bed and breakfast. The buildings are traditional log dwellings, complete with grass roofs. The aged logs add to the simple appearance of the farm, but you can still pick out examples of old-world artistry.

sheeps on farm and foods on dining

Just because the buildings exterior are aged doesn’t mean the interiors are going to leave you roughing it 17th century style. The cabins have been updated and feature all the conveniences you want for a bed and breakfast. You can even log into the farm’s Wi-Fi. The offered space is a two-floor building with its own bathroom and a fully functioning kitchen.

When you’re ready to take a walk through a land that inspires fairy tales, you’ll want to check out the Nordigard Blessom Farm.

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