VIPP Chimney House is the Boutique Hotel Seen from Afar

If you find yourself travelling to Copenhagen as a family or part of a crew, Vipp Chimney House is a boutique hotel guaranteed to provide memorable accommodation. Named after its towering smokestack, the heritage building is reborn from ruins by Danish architect David Thulstrup, opening its doors to the public back in April 2019.

Chimney House began life in 1902 as a water pumping station with an impressive 35-meter high chimney that can be seen from afar. The site is now a modern two hundred square metre guesthouse and the third outpost for Vipp Hotel.

The architecture was conceived to honour the structure of the original industrial space but adds that much-needed modern overlay. Extended with a contemporary upper level, the ceiling height amounts to 8.5m in the atrium with a skylight view to the old chimney and the iconic shape of the historic building.

Arch doors in steel-framed glass, a double high void with a modern steel staircase and open access to a private terrace are some of the architectural highlights of the Vipp Chimney House. Two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a large open plan kitchen, dining and living area occupy the ample space. Guests are encouraged to take in the historic character and reassuring quietness while experiencing the modern luxuries.

vipp chimney house hotel

“For me, it was a dream architectural project, from the strong gestures of the building to the finest interior detailing,” said David Thulstrup, the architect behind Chimney House.

“I was encouraged to make it edgy, and with that, I wanted to add the personality, comfort and aesthetics of a private residence. I wanted people to feel at home.”

As the third branch of the Vipp Hotel, Vipp Chimney House is like its predecessors – a curated setting where guests can live with Vipp products, including the new furniture collection in a home-away-from-home setting.

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