Glamping Gone Wild in the Waiheke Island Tent House

Staying in a tent is a hit or miss prospect. Much of it depends on the weather or where your tent is set up or, on that note, where you are staying in general. When it’s a breathtakingly beautiful place like New Zealand there aren’t many bad places to set up a tent—however, a permanent tent like what has been created by award-winning designer Chris Tate is something else entirely.

tent house living room stair and bedroom view

The Tent House on Aukland’s Waiheke Island, a two story, one bedroom, one bath house shaped like a tent, is the result of Tate’s vision. The place has a queen-sized bed, a full kitchen, a shower, a usually sun drenched deck, a spa, pool and firepit, access to wifi and a Bluetooth sound system. One whole wall – the figurative opening in the tent itself, is all glass, making it feel like a whole small home has been tucked into a comically large tent from a distance. The Waiheke Island Tent House is also located within walking distance to Palm Beach outside of the town of Ostend, as well as many shops and restaurants. Ten minutes away by car are vineyards and ferries.

tent house entrance chair table and spinning stair

With rentals that range between $300 and $500 a night depending on the season, you can truly surprise someone in the future with this vacation to a tent, perhaps the most luxurious tent in the world.

Check it out

tent house outside tree view

waiheke tent house chair and table architecture

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