Waterloft Houseboat Sails for Possibilities and Freedom

German watercraft manufacturer Wohnschiff promises “lightness, freedom and endless possibilities” when speaking of their Waterloft Houseboat, and it’s easy to see that they deliver on that promise. The houseboat measures 24 meters and can accommodate up to four people, yet still has plenty of room for amenities and storage. The design for the boat has plenty of options, with layouts that can be changed up to meet your particular needs, or wishes. Once you’ve landed on a design, you’ll be glad to know that the finished product will feature environmentally friendly materials and techniques. The hull is made of aluminum so that you won’t have to coat it every few years with a toxic anti-rust treatment. The boat is propelled by either diesel or electric motors.

lounge Waterloft Houseboat

Each room with all of its fixtures and even the furniture are carefully planned out and then hand crafted by master craftsmen to match your vision of the freedom you are pursuing. You can even opt for additional amenities, including an infrared sauna, water-bearing fireplace, hamam, whirlpool, and a 4K cinema with Dolby sound.

Waterloft Houseboat bedroom

If you’re looking for freedom and endless possibilities, then Wohnschiff has already come up with the answer.

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