WAYA Modular Water Building Raises Atlantis

You might be familiar with the old investment advice that the only thing they’re not making more of is land. The WAYA Modular Water Building turns that advice upside down by turning any body of water into a living space. The design comes from Mayan and Japanese architecture. Each module is pyramidal in shape and can be configured into several different set ups. The whole system starts on a floating basement, which measures 54 meters by 54 meters in the largest module, creating a surface space of about 3000 square meters. The basement provides an opening for boats to enter as well as an access point for rooms. The building can be built to the height of 10 floors, or roughly 30 meters from the waterline. That creates a total space of 6500 square meters.

waya modular float in water

WAYA offers four different configurations: a hotel, a suite, a villa, and a club. The project is currently in a funding stage and is looking to reach its goal through crowd funding.

With more and more people looking for new places and new experiences, WAYA is in the process of creating a unique way to meet that need.

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