Word Of Mouth Speaks Loudly with the Chameleon Villa

Word Of Mouth delivers a clear message with the Chameleon Villa, a multi-level home located in the southwest coastal area of Bali, Indonesia. The house sits on an acre of land filled with a dense forest. A gentle river flows past the western edge of the estate, providing a soothing soundtrack to the verdant setting. The villa sits on a slope, with an 11-meter distance between the arrival area and the river. A stepped path takes visitors from the parking area, up through a walk flanked by paths, and up to the house itself.

chameleon villas celling fan and three light

Inside, guests are treated by a home made of natural and locally sourced materials. Areas of the home where people are meant to congregate—such as the living room—have been kept open with large windows that help bring in the jungle views. Meanwhile, more private areas like the office, gym, media room, and bedrooms have been closed off to provide privacy. Below a terrace deck, the swimming pool allows for time in the water and in the sun. Attached to the pool area is the lounge and bar area with a built-in curved concrete couch covered in cushions.

chameleon villa lounge areas full view

The use of local materials helped lower the carbon footprint of the home, but designers didn’t stop there. They also used green systems such as passive cooling and solar panels as well as water recycling and rainwater collection for garden irrigation.

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chameleon villa bedroom view

round and tea table on balcony

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