WV-OR Penthouse Defies Expectations

When you get on an elevator and look at the rows of buttons, toward the bottom, often set apart from the rest and perhaps even with a keyed entry, you’ll find an exclusive button that allows access to the penthouse. Imaging what might be on the other side of the doors when one pushes that button leads to all sorts of possibilities. Whatever your thoughts are, the words swanky, luxurious, and opulent come to mind. The WV-Or Penthouse, designed by Nicolas Schuybroek, defies those expectations.

wv or penthouse lawn view

Described as “a secluded, meditative space and garden on the roof” of an “elegant and listed art-deco building,” the penthouse is meant to be an urban retreat. The style is simple, employing prefabricated, slatted concrete. The use of such simple materials makes the penthouse suite stand out—especially in comparison to the intricate details of the building’s art deco style. The interiors follow suit, keeping with the theme of restraint. The plans reveal that this space is very open, rectangular, and proportioned.

wv or penthouse reading room view

The garden ties into the chestnut trees that surround the building. The combination of raw materials and quiet garden creates a sense of seclusion, allowing for meditation and relaxation. The minimalist approach further relaxes visitors, truly creating a peaceful setting.

If you’re pushing the penthouse button on the elevator looking for luxury bordering on decadence, the WV-OR Penthouse isn’t what you’re looking for. If, however, you want a retreat perfect for quiet contemplation, then this is the place.

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