Play Classic Arcade Games on the Atari Pong Coffee Table

Pong was released by Atari in 1972. Even if you did not grow up playing Pong, you’ve probably heard of it, since it is an iconic arcade game. An insanely cool Atari Pong Coffee Table is available on Kickstarter. Developed as a tribute to the classic game, this Atari Pong Coffee Table replicates the real game inside a unique retro coffee table.

playable pong game right inside coffee table

A group of friends from Uruguay decided to create a playable Pong game right inside a coffee table. They later posted the project on Kickstarter. The unique production-grade table kind of resembles a hockey table. It uses magnetic fields, optical sensors and motors to recreate the classic video game right in your living room coffee table.

atari pong coffee table music system

The controls can be conveniently hidden when you are not using them. Although the table is retro, it comes with the latest technology, including Bluetooth for streaming music, a digital clock and USB charging ports. If you want to recreate the classic arcade Kong game, you are in luck. This table even has a coin-operated mode that features bouncing lights and retro sounds.

The table shown on Kickstarter has the words “PONG” in large letters across the side of the table. If you are not down with the branding, you can choose a more subdued table without Atari’s branding.

The PONG table is available right now for pre-order. So, if you are redecorating, why not swap your boring coffee table for one that plays a video game? How cool would it be to play Pong when your friends come over?

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