Audio Visual – Sony Bravia A1E OLED

Based on most reports, if you were at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas you witnessed two distinct things: 1) A bunch of start-ups trying to squeeze a computer chip into every spare corner of your waking life and 2) Stellar big name brands equipping their newest products with noteworthy (though not necessarily thunderous) innovations. Falling squarely in the latter camp is global electronics giant Sony, who introduced their new Bravia A1E 4K OLED TV to an enraptured audience. Sony’s latest is as sleek, optimal and modern looking as you want it to be and then some, and by “then some” we’re referring to the innovation that has everyone talking: the entire TV screen is a high-frequency speaker.

sony bravia a1e oled tv display and side

To achieve the task of turning a preciously thin OLED panel into a monolithic speaker, Sony employed the use of “actuators” on either side of the back panel and put a subwoofer along with all the other wires inside the covert kickstand behind the panel. As a result expect powerful audio that literally blew reviewers away and might even cause a few consumers to second-guess that separate pair of speakers they intended to buy.

Joining Sony’s new frontier of audio performance is an exceptionally slim, striking design that makes the TV look like it’s practically floating, and an exemplary OLED display that utilizes 8 million self-illuminating pixels to deliver the best in resolution and contrast. Prepare to fall in love.

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