AUS-ION Pans are Best in Class

Since their launch less than a year ago, AUS-ION pans have been making waves among chefs, experts, and savvy home cooks across Australia. AUS-ION pans are healthier and more sustainable cookware that also work perfectly on any heat source. Each pan is forged from one seamless piece of Australian steel that cooks like cast iron but features only half the weight. One piece of steel means that the pans are more durable and hygienic as there’s less crevices, so they’re more easily washed. A broad concave handle offers more control and less fatigue, while the vented neck reduces heat transferring to the hand. Each pan is shot-blasted and seasoned all over to ensure a textured finish that is also the ultimate non-stick surface.

aus-ion skillet with prawn

There are eight different pieces of AUS-ION cookware available. Four skillets of varied size cover your basic frying needs, including the flaming skillet that was co-designed by chef Neil Perry at his Rockpool restaurant. There are also two woks, a sautee pan and a 24cm crêpe/griddle pan that caters to both French and American styles of cooking. The AUS-ION pans are up on Kickstarter for their 7th successful campaign as they are well over the funding goal. The pans are expensive, although the creators are convinced the performance advantages far outweigh the cost.

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