Backdrop House Paint Removes the Hassle of Painting

Paint companies pride themselves on having every imaginable—and some you would never have imagined—color possible. Sure, that seems like a great idea. We want to have options to choose from, but when the time for decision comes, having so many options makes deciding near impossible. Then on top of that, you’re never quite sure how the color will look in your house, or under your lights, or with your furniture. But instead of giving you a usable swatch, you get a thumbnail sized sample card. Or invest in a sample can, then run home, paint, wait, decide, and go back. In short, it’s a pain and a hassle.

backdrop paint in man's head

Caleb and Natalie Ebel are removing all that trouble with Backdrop House Paint. Backdrop uses a direct-to-consumer model, meaning to big box stors to get in the way of making a decision. Instead, paint and supplies are shipped directly to your home. But what about picking a color, you say? The Ebels have simplified that process as well, providing a list of only 50 paint colors. The color palette is carefully curated represent a list of colors that has removed the exotic, never-used colors as well as the duplicates. Instead, you’re just choosing from a selection of light and neutrals, as well as muted or more saturated colors. Painting is less of a chore thanks to this husband and wife team. Isn’t it time to update the look of your home?

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