Balanced Knife Adjusts to Fit You

Having a proper balance is one sign of a high quality and superior knife. Proper balance can make using a knife nearly effortless, not to mention how much more comfortable the knife will be in your hand. Having that good balance means that you’ll have better control, making the knife more precise and safer as you deal with less unpredictability of how the blade will behave.

balanced knife with box

The challenge that knife makers face, unfortunately, is that balance is in the hand of the beholder. No two individuals are exactly alike, and everyone will respond differently to how a knife should feel in the hand. “Knives are, of course, among the most ubiquitous and indispensable of kitchen tools,” states product designer Paul Cohen. “However, chefs have very personal preferences as to blade sizes, weight placement, and holding style. Even these will vary as different tasks are done.”

That’s what led to Cohen developing a design that addresses that individuality with his Balanced Knife.

handle balanced knife

Cohen’s knife is made of Japanese stainless steel that has been treated with black chromium to make it non-stick and durable. The blade is honed to “cutting class.” The handle features an open slot that allows you to magnetically attach a weight in different positions within the slot, thus changing the knife’s balance point. The sliding weight design not only allows a chef to change the balance to fit his or her hand, but to also fit different activities.

Cohen offers three blade types—a utility chef knife, a santoku chef knife, and a petty chef knife. Each blade comes with its own weight to use in the slide. You can also order other weights for a lighter or heavier knife. You can pick up the set of three with weights for USD$899.

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