Become King of the Grill with the 2016 Traeger Pro Series 34

Four-wheel drives are popular for their off-road capabilities and generous size, well the Traeger 2016 Pro Series 34 is the 4WD of BBQ grills. This spacious grill is equipped with a sawhorse chassis that possess the strength of a front-rower. A sturdy side-lift bar gives even weight distribution when moving the grill and the solid all-terrain wheels ease over pavers, rocks and dirt. The wheels include locking casters to stabilise the grill on any terrain.

With a grilling area of 5703 square cm, this Traeger Pro Series model will provide you with the equipment necessary to host one epic BBQ. Let’s take a look at the numbers. The main rack can easily hold 32 hot dogs, 24 burgers, 9 rib racks or 6 chickens. The extra elevated rack can hold up to 24 hot dogs or 16 burgers. The new digital pro controller rocks the advanced grilling logic and dual meat-probes to keep a consistent temperature and guarantee precision grilling. Available in both blue and bronze colours, the Traeger 2016 Pro Series 34 will transform you from BBQ cook to king of the grill.

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