Bend It Like No-One Ever Has Before, Not Even Becks – Wave City Coffee Table

Everyone involved and interested in the design industry are well aware of Stelios Mousarris’ spectacular wave city coffee tables. The inception-like design features a cityscape folding over itself. The initial collection was made out of wood, steel and 3D-printing technology. The dedication to the detail is dazzling and definitely pleases those with OCD tendencies and conscientious attitudes like myself.

wave city coffee table rear

The matte black version pays homage to the old film noir of the 1940’s and 1950’s, where the cities were dominated with detectives addicted to cigarettes and dealing with crimes. This magnificent masterpiece showcases an urban sidewalk scattered with skyscrapers that lifts into the air and folds back into a single, continuous curve. The scrupulous approach to the carvings of the buildings displays a sense of realism to a surreal design. You would be reluctant to place a Mocha on this coffee table. It seems more suitable for a chai latte with an almond milk type of caffeine hit with Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ playing in the background.

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wave city coffee table building design