Best California Houses – Venice House by Walker Workshop

When a young couple hired Los Angeles-based architect Walker Workshop to complete their new home, they gave the firm one very important directive—”don’t f*ck it up”. The architectural studio took this instruction very seriously and created one hell of a house.

venice house top floor view with staircase

This 2,700 square foot contemporary home features a minimalist style that highlights the home’s unique interior and exterior spaces. This stunning home features three bedrooms located on the upstairs level. A conveniently hidden stairway, located on the side of the home, provides access to the upstairs bedrooms.

The downstairs level features a kitchen, living room and dining area. The kitchen is vaulted and lined with wood. It is located right in the centre of the house and connects the front with the back. There is also an additional bedroom on the first floor. The first-floor bedroom completely opens to the outside creating a strong connection with nature.

venice house bedroom beside fireplace

One of the most exciting features of this home is the outdoor living area. There are multiple patios and a large outdoor cooking area. A large outdoor table provides plenty of seating and is perfect for entertaining. The fit pit gives the outdoor space warmth and cosiness. There is a neat firewood storage area that is located on an exterior wall. The outdoor living areas are seamlessly connected to the first-floor living spaces via large sliding walls.

venice house architecture

A small plunge pool is located right outside the living area. A roof deck provides additional entertaining space for those warm California evenings.

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