The Best Made Carpenter’s Box May Be the Classiest Way to Store Your Gear

Boxes have always been a key item for storing all types of things. Would you spend more than $20 for one? Probably not, but Best Made made one anyway. The Carpenter’s box is handcrafted in Japan from 100% kiln-dried Japanese cedar panels, accentuating the natural gradients of the box. A precise construction and finish allows for closure that shifts just enough to be removed with relative ease. A box normally used to hold carpentry tools like your chisels and hand planes, the Best Made Carpenter’s box can house your more precious possession, keeping it safe from water, microbes and insects, as well as keep it smelling fresh. Laser-etched on its lid is the “Best Made” emblem; a neat aesthetic touch that gives it an authentic feel. Is it worth it though? If you love a naturalistic look to your décor, this box is a nice addition to keep your prized collections safe.

carpenter’s box from new york and japan

carpenter’s box make wood

carpenter’s box top part