Big Things Come in Small Sizes – Greenmoxie Tiny House

As society now strives to be increasingly environmentally friendly, Greenmoxie began as a dedicated green living blog half a decade ago in a small town called Warkworth in Ontario, Canada. Designer David Shephard along with another two friends began developing plans and building this house with the initial intention for their readers to enjoy on Airbnb. However, the bucket loads of interest that occurred provoked them to build it for others and start a business.

greenmoxie tiny house inside view

This is an eco-friendly 340-square-foot house on wheels that promotes 100 percent off-the-grid living. The upcycled materials, renewable energy systems helps this sustainably built home reduce its environment impact. Inside, it consists of energy-efficient appliances that are powered by a 1kW solar PV system with 11kW of stored energy capacity. Water is collected using a 200 litre rain barrel and is conserved and reused with the help of a water recovery system, home drinking purifier and a gray-water holding tank. Spray foam insulation and a heat recovery ventilating system assists in maintaining indoor temperatures. Live large in a small space while being the environment’s best friend.

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greenmoxie tiny house outside view