BikeBlock – Enough Said

Germany’s Urbanature likes things simple, clean and functional, and endorses the notion of big city living minus all those nasty exhaust fumes. In keeping with their car-free mission they recently introduced BikeBlock. It’s a block for your bike. Sounds pretty simple, clean and functional to us. That’s a wrap, folks! Just kidding–there’s plenty to talk about here.

urbanature bike block fahrradhalterung

BikeBlock is the quintessential tool for modern urbanites who prefer the healthy, adrenaline pumping experience of bike riding in contrast to the stress-inducing gridlock of a car commute. BikeBlock is a smooth square of concrete with a slot in the middle to place bike tires between 26″ and 28″ in size with a width between 18mm and 52mm and a weight of 15kg or less. Slide the tire into the slot and the slot secures the tire in position, the block itself never tipping over as long as the bike weight meets the aforementioned parameters.

urbanature bike block Fahrradhalterung situation seitlich

The best thing about BikeBlock is of course how effortless it is. The minimalist design was created by Denmark’s Jörg Brachmann and he aimed for a product that’s truly as straightforward as it appears. There’s no assembly or hassle. You just put the block on the ground and there it goes. There’s also a layer of leather on the bottom of BikeBlock to resist wear and scratching.

urbanature bike block fahrradhalterung situation mit fahrrad

With its solid, uniform white exterior of exposed concrete there’s no city on the planet where BikeBlock won’t blend in. Impress your neighbours and be the first person to get BikeBlock before everyone else. Now that’s clean living!

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