The BoxLock is Now Available to Secure Your Packages

We’ve all heard of porch thieves that cruise neighbourhoods looking for unsecured packages that have been delivered to a person’s front door. With BoxLock, you’ll be able to thwart these ne’er-do-wells. Here’s how it works. Simply download the BoxLock app to your Apple or Android phone, pair it with your lock, and connect it to your home WiFi. After creating an account with USPS Informed Delivery, UPS MyChoice, Fedex Delivery Manager, or Amazon Prime, use the lock to secure a delivery box.

When a shipping company makes a delivery, the handler uses the BoxLock to scan the delivery code on the box. The lock will only open for barcodes on packages that are actually out for delivery that specific day. The handler simply opens the lock, puts the package in the box, and then locks the box back up. BoxLock then sends you a notification that your package has arrived.

boxlock with scanner

It’s not just packages that you can secure. You can share barcodes via text message with anyone who needs to access your lock. If someone needs to drop off an extra set of keys, or if you have a meal being delivered, or your neighbour is dropping off a plate of cookies—send them a barcode and they’re in.

unlock view boxlock

Few things are more frustrating than having a long-awaited package stolen off of your porch. Stop that from happening with BoxLock.

Check it out

boxlock attached to door

boxlock front side view

side view boxlock

boxlock with app