Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens Introduces the ASA-D2—the Perfect Kitchen for Any Outdoor Living Space

Is outdoor cooking or entertaining on your agenda this summer? Rather than make do with an old grill and a rickety fold-up table, why not create a cool outdoor living space where you can entertain family and friends? Outdoor living spaces are becoming really popular as they expand your living area and are great for enjoying the summer. An essential element of any outdoor living space is an outdoor kitchen.

brown jordan outdoor kitchen with green plant

Brown Jordan Kitchen recently collaborated with Dekton and architect Daniel Germani to design the ultimate outdoor kitchen. The ADA-D2 modular kitchen is both stylish and functional. Constructed from stainless steel and aluminium, it is durable and will hold up to even the most severe weather conditions.

This modern, freestanding kitchen features a beautiful quartz Dekton countertop. A Caliber BBQ grill is smartly integrated into the countertop and features a retractable lid that is counterbalanced allowing for easy opening and closing. A 20,000 BTU Crossflame burner offers radiant technology.

asa d2 brown jordan outdoor kitchens white

Other features include stainless steel cabinetry and plenty of storage space for utensils and other cooking essentials. The storage space is smartly designed so that it is easy to store and reach items on either side of the unit.

The modular design of this kitchen challenged the norms of design for outdoor kitchen. This paid off very well as the design works well in the ADA-D2. Because of the design, customers can choose which appliances to include in their kitchen. Available in four handsome finishes, the ADA-D2 will liven up just about any backyard space.

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