This Bruce Grill is Off The Rail

Apartment life – it’s usually the compromise between affordable digs and living close to the city, and is the obvious choice for many. While the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for most, there are a few luxuries that go out the window with the smaller floor plan, and as a result, a whole market for space-conscious wares that cater to the inner-city habitant is constantly growing.

Bruce Handrail Grill

One such example is this nifty little barbecue. Just over half a metre long, the Bruce Handrail Grill is exactly what the name suggests: a grill designed to look just like a planter box that hangs off the side of a balcony’s handrail, allowing you to enjoy delicious char-grilled tucker without having a gas-consuming behemoth engulf the entire six square feet of your balcony.

bruce grill rail

And with the inexplicably fitting Australian-sounding moniker of Bruce, what could be better than to slip an extra shrimp on the barbie, and not let your humble urban shelter prevent you from entertaining properly? We think Hoges would approve.

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