Buy a Dyson Pure Cool Now or Pay With Your Health Later

As wildfires and outdoor air pollutants continue to dominate headlines, indoor air pollution goes largely ignored. It’s then no surprise that 58% of surveyed Aussies claim that they don’t think about indoor air pollution, or clean the air inside their respective homes. In fact, over a third of Aussies don’t even know what ‘indoor air pollution’ even means. Meanwhile, 66% of surveyed Aussies suffer from hay fever or an airborne allergy. Put it all together and you have a potential health crisis lurking inside your very home, and one that goes largely unseen. Thanks to the new Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans, however, you won’t just be able to monitor indoor air pollution, you’ll be able to eradicate it.

dyson pure cool purifying fan home

Equipped with a new LCD display, Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans report the pollutants in your home in real time, and react accordingly. Specifically, each fan employs a 360-degree fully-sealed filter system–which features an activated carbon filter and Glass HEPA filter–to capture 99.95% of the harmful particles wafting around your domicile. Next, Air Multiplier technology and new 350-degree oscillation project and mix purified air into every corner of the room, while fan mode and diffused mode allow for year-round usage.

dyson pure cool purifying fan mobile device

Available in either large standing tower format or small desktop format, Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans are one sure-fire way to guarantee that your indoor environment doesn’t make you sick. Each one is rigorously tested for use in real homes of all sizes, where it can detect harmful micro-particles, and then supplant those particles with purified air. As if all that wasn’t enough, every Dyson Pure Cool fan is compatible with a Dyson Link app, allowing you to track pollution, temperature, and humidity levels on your mobile device, as well as monitor the number of hours left until your filter needs to be replaced.

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If recent trends are anything to go by, harmful air (of both the indoor and outdoor variety) is a problem that’s going to get far worse before it gets better. Stay ahead of the curve by picking up a Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan, and start feeling the difference immediately. It certainly beats waiting until you get sick.

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