Caffine Fix: NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto CIRCOLO Machine

Most people can’t survive the morning without their caffeine fix. At least I can’t. Hence why after thinking over the amount of money and time spent at the local café feeding my addiction, I came to the conclusion that investing in an elite coffee maker was the better life choice. Taking note of the capsule coffee craze that’s transpired over the past few years, all focus was directed on a single-serve machine that could not only brew up a nice shot of espresso, but bring an opulent presence to my kitchen. Soon after, I stumbled upon the Nescafe Escafe Dolce Gusto CIRCOLO capsule machine and became a firm believer in the power of prayer. A futuristic-looking brewer with multifunctional features and speedy performance, the CIRCOLO showed me that I could have my coffee, in style, and drink it too.


nescafe delonghi dolce coffee maker design

If you haven’t noticed, the CIRCOLO looks nothing like the traditional coffee brewer, let alone the average Keurig. And that alone is what makes it such an intriguing product. Its ultramodern presence adds a futuristic edge to your kitchen décor with a sleek, circular form factor that blends into any countertop.

Build quality proves to be a significant upgrade from the previous models in the Dolce Gusto lineup thanks impart to its robust shell. You can tell Nescafé threw in a little elbow grease on the manufacturing end as all the mechanisms operate smoothly. We didn’t fall victim to typical issues such as the capsules getting stuck in the drawer or dial wheel misreading water levels. The attention to detail on here is quite singular.


nescafe delonghi dolce coffee maker features

It’s easy to get caught up in the CIRCOLO’s elegance. Though lets not forget we’re talking at an actual coffee maker and underneath its gorgeous exterior lays a series of functional features not seen on most rival products. Spearheading the entire experience is the 15-bar pump system, which forces water through a small needle that punctures the beverage pod to increase the surface area and enhance texture. It’s an effective method that leads to flavoring outcomes.

The CIRCOLO welcomes a dial-in wheel setup consisting of an LED screen and scroll wheel to determine the amount of water pumped through a pod. Owners utilize the wheel to customize their beverage by selecting the recommended dosage on the capsule. The machine also comes equipped with two trays—a removable one for sliding into separate leveled grooves to accommodate different mug sizes, along with a magnetized pod that automatically locks into place when loaded into its compartment. Nescafé even addresses clean ups by including a removable drip-catching drawer that catches spills after brewing.

nescafe delonghi dolce coffee maker in hand

Only three buttons lay atop of the CIRCOLO and each one serves a purpose. The power button does more than just turn on the device—it doubles as an indicator that lights up when the machine is heating up (red) or ready to brew (green). A cold and a hot button are present as well to accommodate your desired preference. Ironically, the CIRCOLO’s most useful facet happens to be one that doesn’t require any trigger, that being its auto shutoff timer. Energy conservers can breath easy knowing it’s programmed to enter sleep mode when inactive for five minutes.


nescafe delonghi dolce two glass coffee

A coffee maker doesn’t require much to produce a hot mug of java. But not every coffee maker is made to brew a savoring cup made waking up for. The CIRCOLO is designed to create caffeinated drinks with full-bodied flavor and does so instantly: 30 seconds to be more precise. Powered by 15 bars of pressure, which is much larger than most single-serve machines available, brewing power is intensified to speed up the process.

One would suspect such prompt results to compromise taste. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. The CIRCOLO processes coffee in such a unique fashion by relying on aluminum thermoblock technology to create steam and warm beverages at perfect drinking temperatures. It’s also capable of heating at higher levels for those who take their coffee at blazing-hot temperatures. Either way, this beauty comes ready to please.

Nescafé stuffs a variety pack into the box that consists of different coffee and milk capsules. Granted these are only reserved for Dolce Gusto machines, unlike some of the Starbucks machines that limit your beverage selection, you’re working with more of a variety here. Selections like the Ristretto espresso brew to perfection with a layered crema that is worthy of cafe shop quality and showcase flavorful depth. We recommend experimenting with the capsule varieties to find a concoction that suits your tastes.

Summing Up

nescafe delonghi dolce coffee summing up

Nescafé manages to accomplish something we thought wasn’t even conceivable in this product category—create an uber-cool electronic barista that splendidly combines flash and function. The CIRCOLO is both a high-powered coffee maker and work of art that is highlighted primarily by its beautiful circular frame. Having it preoccupy space on the counter only encourages you to play showoff by inviting friends over for some cappuccino. So for the braggadocio bachelor with an acquired taste for caffeine and kitchen gadgetry, consider the CIRCOLO your essential morning brew.

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