Can Ikea’s New Snap-Together Furniture Save Your Relationship?

Do you want to put your relationship with your girlfriend to the test? Then try assembling some IKEA furniture together over the weekend. Can putting together a simple piece of IKEA furniture really lead to a breakup? Well, let us just say that assembling anything from IKEA involves lots of mysterious hardware and diagrams that look like they might have been drawn by aliens. Trying to figure out IKEA assembly with your significant other will surely spell disaster. Fortunately for your relationship, IKEA has made the process of assembling furniture much easier. The Swedish retailer just introduced furniture that snaps together in minutes. Even better—no tools are required!

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IKEA, aware of the problems that customers were having putting their home goods together, decided to do something about it. The company recently unveiled a plan to roll out snap-together furniture across its entire product line.

One to innovate, IKEA specifically designed a new type of joint to make snap-together furniture a reality. Called the wedge dowel, this joint is specially made for wooden products. It allows two ends of a wooden piece to snap together seamlessly. IKEA’s snap-together furniture will require no glue or tools whatsoever. That means that screwdrivers, Allen keys and bolts are a thing of the past when it comes to IKEA assembly.

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The new snap-together furniture can be put together in a matter of minutes. Also, the easy-to-assemble furniture pieces can be disassembled and moved without causing damage to the overall furniture.

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