Candid Camera – Nest Outdoor Camera

Nest Labs has already brought your home into the 21st century by way of wi-fi enabled smoke detectors, self-learning thermostats and indoor surveillance cameras–now the company is taking some of that savvy tech outdoors. Available for pre-order is the Nest Outdoor Camera. It provides homeowners with streaming 24-hour surveillance of the property and comes equipped with a slew of handy features to virtually guarantee trespassers picked the wrong house to mess with.

 nest outdoor security camera front view

If you’ve seen those small overhead cameras at restaurants or local businesses then you basically get the gist of the Nest Outdoor Camera design. For those who simply never look up, picture a white outer spherical hub with a small camera inside. Set them up with ease around the perimeter of your house and enjoy all the surveillance benefits of the nearest bank or business. If you’re not overly paranoid you can always just set one up outside your front door and call it a day.

 nest outdoor security camera using outside door

The Nest Outdoor Camera is equipped with plenty of handy features including the ability to differentiate humans from other entities and provide alerts when someone passes into frame. It also has a speaker allowing you to talk through it, which means you can scare off intruders or greet people at the door or mess with your friends all without leaving the comfort of your chair. Naturally, the Nest Outdoor Camera is compatible with all the other Nest Devices and therefore just waiting to become part of your Nest family.

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