Carve It Up With Victorinox’s Latest Ceramic Slicer

When it comes to chopping it up in the kitchen, one of the greatest developments of the modern era is surely the ceramic blade. Made from Zirconium Dioxide, these blades are more than twice as hard as steel, non-porous (so no bacteria contamination), chemically inert (so your sliced fruit won’t go brown the second you’ve cut it) and they stay sharp for about ten times longer than a regular steel blade.

They’re also super lightweight, and anybody who’s ever deboned a chicken with one of these will tell you how much of a pleasure it is. Victorinox are the industry standard for high quality commercial knives and you’d be hard pressed to find a self-respecting professional chef anywhere that didn’t have at least one or two in their arsenal – they’re relatively inexpensive, well made, sharp as buggery and they last for ages, so it’s no surprise that their foray into the ceramics market is any different. These are knives for people who love to cook and who cook a lot, and are well worth checking out as an excellent gift for the Masterchef in your life, even if he’s the bloke in the mirror.