Casa Merello is Every Skater’s Dream Come True

The aptly dubbed Halfpipe House is a magnificent property overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Located in the central Chilean beach town of Pichilemu, Casa Merello is a millennial’s dream come true as alongside the spacious living quarters is a full size half pipe. Surprisingly, it’s owned by a surfer not a skater.

casa merello skater designed by wmr architects

Designed by WMR Architects, the house is elevated on pillars to protect it against rising coastal waters, although such a maneuver doesn’t hurt the aesthetics. The open-plan living quarters are decked out with timber floors while the wood panelling stone and glass walls offer coastal views in all directions. This design might not be the most practical but it sure does look good!

Check it out

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casa merello skater ground

casa merello skater table

casa merello skater bed

casa merello skater sofa

casa merello skater riding

casa merello skater men sitting and dog

casa merello skater sea beach