Casoro’s Kairos is a Safe Bet

It’s every man’s worst nightmare. You’ve locked the doors, secured the alarm, activated the laser grid and released the hounds, but upon waking up you still find your collection of watches, diamonds, passports, rare cognac and mother’s pearls to have been nicked, only to be replaced with a white glove with an embroidered ‘P’, an onyx fox or a joker playing card.

casoro kairos safe bet opener

Well, now the jig’s up for even the craftiest of thieves thanks to Casoro Jewellery Safes’ latest and greatest, the Kairos series. The Eiger (22”), Denali (35”) and K2 (61”) are the safes for the modern millionaire, comprising soft-close drawers, automatic watch winders and LED lighting. Add to that the 60+ years of safe-building experience proudly boasted by Casoro’s USA construction facility and you’ve got yourself a luxury lock-up that Danny Ocean himself would find impossible to crack. Like all millionaire-specific luxury items, prices are available on request and their ‘white glove’ service includes installation to ensure maximum security and satisfaction.

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casoro kairos safe bet watch case

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