Casper Pillow Takes an Inception Level Approach to Comfort

Inception is a film about dreams within dreams and the sleep experts over at Casper might have been taking enthusiastic notes while watching. We picture the subsequent board room meeting as going something like this: “What if we created a pillow within a pillow to allow for even better sleep, meaning our pillow within a pillow could lead to dreams within dreams within dreams!” This was probably followed by a pause so everyone could pick their jaw up off the floor. The engineers jumped on the task and soon after the Casper Pillow was born.

casper pillow approaches design and comfort

Combining the perfect amount of squish with the perfect amount of support, the Casper Pillow approaches design and comfort from a perspective of Zen-like balance. The inner core is sturdy and adaptive thanks to nearly a billion tiny fibers that create a mold from your movements and provide durable support. The exterior pillow is fluffy and plush, utilizing state of the art low-friction fibers to achieve that ideal cushion for your head to sink in to. On top of that they put a 100% cotton cover using a percale weave to trap the fibers and allow for maximum breathability. A 2″ gusset rounds out the pillow, distributing an even allotment of fill to reinforce neck support and spine alignment.

casper pillow approaches design with cotton cover

Simply put, the Casper Pillow is the pillow within a pillow that dreams within dreams are made of!

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