Changing the Game – Skid Wooden Chef Knife

We live in a world that continually changes. There are numerous innovative creations that are being released regularly. However, for the cooks out there, knives haven’t really changed much, but how much can you really change with a knife? The Skid Wooden Chef Knife has answered the call by swapping out the dominance of steel for wood on its design.

skid wooden chef knife cutting pepper

While it’s unique and aesthetically beautiful, don’t be fooled, behind all this beauty is the real deal. The Robina wood has a high percentage of tannins, making it more naturally antibacterial than any synthetic handled blades. The 7.5-inch blade is made in Germany from carbon steel and is covered with all-natural linseed oil, making it durable and ensuring it will grow old with you. Sharpen up your kitchen and cut in style with this quirky knife in your hand.

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skid wooden chef knife blade