The Chimney House by Dekleva Gregoric Architects

The Chimney House, designed by Dekleva Gregoric architects, pays homage to the traditional wood stove. Completed in 2016, this home is situated right next to a 16th-century church in the quaint Slovenian village of Logatec.

dekleva gregoric architecture

The simplicity of the Chimney House fits in well with the rural setting. The dark timber panels of the Chimney House perfectly contrasts the white exterior of the church located next door. The outside of the Chimney House is constructed entirely of wood similar to many of the neighbouring barn structures. The roof is made of concrete.

dekleva gregoric chimney house inside architecture

While the outside of this home resembles, the inside is rustic contemporary. The most striking detail of this home is the massive chimney that runs from the roof to the floor of this home.

dekleva gregoric chimney house outside view

Inside the Chimney Home, the kitchen represents the centre of the house. It is evident that this is the area where the owners spend the majority of their time. A large wood burning stove is the focal point of the kitchen. An abundance of light enters the kitchen by way of large vertical windows. A skylight runs throughout the entire length of this home. The light floods the home with plenty of natural light and draws the eye upwards towards the sky.

dekleva gregoric chimney house bedroom architecture

This home was designed to suit the homeowner who wanted plenty of storage space. The architects built numerous window niches that provide storage space and welcome natural light into the home. The walls, floors and furniture are all made of oiled oak. The interior of this home features simple furnishings. Simple glass globe light fixtures hang from the ceilings. This unique house represents the epitome of cosy, comfortable living.

dekleva gregoric chimney house footstep and dining view

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