What Coffee Means to Famous Vittoria Ambassador Chefs? and a Vittoria Espressotoria Machine GIVEAWAY

Let’s face it – nothing beats a good coffee. Every style discerning gent should know how to make a good espresso, and I am sure has a ’type’ they enjoy…. you only need to look the instagram account @menandcoffee (this one’s for the ladies), which will tell you the story. Good coffee makes the world go round so we thought we’d track down three famous Vittoria ambassador chefs and find out what it means to them.

“I need a good strong coffee, to start my day. As I only have one coffee a day it needs to be a good one. As once said by Clark Gable – ‘I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee.'”
Jonathan Barthelmess, Co-owner of The Apollo and Cho Cho San

“As with food & wine; good coffee is everything. Kick start your day, wrap up your meal or gather your mates… you can’t waste your time on badcoffee.”
Monty Koludrovic, Icebergs

“The right coffee ensures my day starts in the right way. Once I have enjoyed my morning cup, I’m ready for the world!”
Orazio D’Elia, Da Orazio


To celebrate our love of coffee, we’ve teamed up with Vittoria to giveaway one of their Espressotoria machines in the Capino. It’s ultra compact but still with a 1 litre removable water tank so you don’t have to constantly make trips to the sink. It’s also got a programmable pour function and a removable drip tray for two cup sizes. It’ll even handily collect your Vitorria capsules automatically ejecting them into an internal tray.

To enter simply follow the instructions in the Gleam app below.

Vittoria Espressotoria Capino Black Capsulte Machine Giveaway