Compact Living in the Domino Loft

Increase the functional space of any room with the supremely useful and exciting Domino Loft. Sturdy and creative construction and design allows you to use the top surface as a perch for a sleeping area complete with a bed and other bedroom accouterments.

Three of the four sides offer loads of shelf space for just about everything, and the final face of the Domino loft is another room entirely, complete with a closet, a greater variety of shelving, cabinets, and even a full-sized hide away bed! A steel ladder set up on a librarian’s rail allows access to the upper surface in a way that is vaguely reminiscent of a fireman’s pole. There’s also a fold out table in the same space as the hide away bed so that this small space is able to conform to the needs of just about any occasion. The built-in standing desk in the inner space is there for you when you’re ready to get back to work after you’re done reveling in amazement at all the possibilities.

Within five seconds of viewing this thing, we wanted to buy five Domino Lofts, an empty warehouse, and turn the place into a living space like no one has ever seen before!

Every piece of the Domino Loft is hand-made in Oakland California and assembled on site. It comes with a minimal finish allowing you to suit it to your tastes, if not task the creators of the Domino Loft to do it for you.

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