Constella Deskape Desk Organisers Organise even the Messiest Genius

They say a cluttered desk is the sign of genius. Actually, the truth is that a cluttered desk is the sign of someone who needs a way to organise his desk—something like the Constella Deskape Desk Organizers. Deskape keeps your desk organized with a set of accoutrements that are clean and simple.

Each product in the DESKAPE set is made from aluminium extrusion and uses a high-grade aluminium for superior quality. The pieces are inspired by modern architecture and each can serve multiple purposes. The entire set consists of a cable organiser, a pen classifier, a card stand, and a paperweight tray.

The cable organiser keeps your cables—from USB-C, USB-A, Lightening to USB, micro-USB, headphone cables, and mouse and keyboard cables—in place. Its weight prevents it from being pulled off the desk by the weight of the cables, but it is still easily movable. The pen classifier allows you to organize your pens how you like them, and it is weighted to prevent it from falling over.

That stack of business cards and notes can be organized into the card stand for easy reference at a glance. The paperweight tray won’t just keep your papers still, but it can also be used to organise small items like keys or coins.

It’s all well and good that you’re a genius, but a little organisation can go a long way, especially with Constella’s DESKAPE.

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