Being in Control Never Felt Any Better – Breville x PolyScience The Control Freak

Induction burners have been appealing to professional chefs seeking precision. A high-frequency electromagnet creates a magnetic field between the cooktop and pan. As a result, this creates heat energy inside the pans. The biggest benefit of induction burners is that degrees can be set and maintained within a range. Despite this invention being popular with the pros, the problem is that, people like us aren’t used to precision cooking. We are used to the traditional low, medium and high settings.

control never felt any better breville x polyscience

Introducing Breville’s Control Freak with the help from PolyScience simplifies induction-type cooking down. It has a sensor that measures the liquid inside the pot and it allows cooking to be set at a rate where an ideal temperature is met. It has 397 cooking temperature options, ranging from 86 to 482 degrees, which is a crazy amount for any cook. And the ‘Create’ feature allows you to save exact cooking specifications for one-touch recall. Like the name states, it is a control freak, but in a good way.

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