The Coolest Indoor Pool You’ve Ever See – Villa Clessidra

I’m sure during this summer season, for those who don’t own a pool, we have pondered on owning one. Especially on those scorchers, where you’re already in need of another shower on your way to work in the morning. The guys at LAAV Architects have literally blown us out the water with their newest concept.

villa clessidra front view with a car

This conceptual residence they call the Villa Clessidra, is home to an indoor glass-encased pool that takes over the entire second floor. Moving onto the home itself, it has three floors, spans across 200 square metres, with the south-facing façade being able to retract completely.

villa clessidra inside architecture

As we did say, it remains a concept, but c’mon, who wouldn’t want an indoor pool this time of the season? Let’s hope someone drops the cash to help it come into fruition one day. It would be cool to see in real life, even though it won’t be us swimming in it.

villa clessidra inside decoration view

Check it out

villa clessidra inside swimming pool

villa clessidra bed beside swimming pool