CorkNet Turns Any Table Into a Table Tennis Table

Have you ever had that moment when entertaining with friends when you wish you had a table tennis table? Well now you can, and it’s so much easier than you might think. Introducing the CorkNet table tennis set, designed to work on any table regardless of shape or size. CorkNet uses two cork wedges that are placed side by side in order to create a net to hit the ping pong ball over. Cork is the best material to use for this product as it is light, flexible, durable, heat resistant and moisture resistant. Cork is also a recyclable sustainable natural product that is harvested from cork trees without damaging them.

CorkNet is more than just a table tennis net. It is also designed to be a part of your kitchen by placing the two cork parts on top of each other for hot pans to rest on. CorkNet is elegant and meant to live in the kitchen, not hidden away in a junk drawer until needed. When the two parts of the net are put together a ball sized pocket is created. Ideal for storing your ball when you have finished playing table tennis.

corknet is more than just a table tennis net