Corridor Bar by BDI

We are huge fans of stylish and functional furniture, and the team at BDI has just released a very cool free standing bar with some interesting features. The Corridor Bar is a great blend of use and aesthetics. It is free-standing, clean in appearance and is designed with double louvered doors to open fully, providing easy access to everything that you need to run your next party. The cabinet contains racking space for wine bottles and storage for liquor bottles can be found on shelves and attached to the doors. Additionally, the wooden stemware rack hangs your wine glasses within easy reach and other shelves provide storage for everything else you’ll need.

corridor bar by bdi open

It really does give you a standalone bar in your house which is grea tas long as you have some semblance of self control. Make sure to get one before your holiday party so your guests don’t leave disappointed, or worse, sober.

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