‘Creature’ by Andrew Zuckerman, Unequivocally Appropriate.

Coffee table books are generally considered a luxury item, appropriate only among the bourgeoisie – a rather unnecessary status symbol if you will, and often left collecting dust in between Jenny’s fortnightly cleaning visits or the occasional family member popping into town. Titles such as ‘Chanel’ by Francois Baudot sitting side by side with a pile of 2 year old Harper’s Bazaar showing face all too frequently.


‘Creature’ by hyper-realist photographer and film-maker Andrew Zuckerman takes a much more understated, simple approach. A collection of incredibly detailed, captivating wildlife photographs set against a stark white backdrop, it couldn’t ring truer to the adage of ‘pictures say a thousand words’.

What’s most appealing is that it wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of your 5 year old nephew, as it would getting the once over by your old man, scotch finger and cup of tea his accompaniment. Inside, the animals featured range between owls and parrots, right through to baby leopards, toads and even a giraffe! Typically each animal is rewarded between 1-3 pages, and the result is nothing short of stunning.


Do yourself a favour, brush the ego aside and envelop yourself in Andrew’s wonderful world of creatures – and while you’re at it, check out a few of his other releases for something of a similar ilk.

Breathtaking – to say the least.

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