Custom Living – Linley on MR. PORTER

As if MR. PORTER didn’t already kick enough butt, they’re now offering pieces from luxury goods maker Linley. Linley is of course short for David Linley, who’s been cranking out the best in quality home products since 1985. Every Linley creation is a masterpiece of artisanal craft and singular aesthetic.

porter rainy day wooden money box

MR. PORTER gets the ball rolling with 9 pieces from Linley, each one flaunting an OCD-level attention to detail and unmistakable design. Linley is a brand that most definitely respects wood. Take for example the Rainy Day Wooden Money Box. Made from solid ziricote and decorated with an eye-catching anigre rain cloud bordered in nickel, the money box exudes warmth and craft in equal measure.

mr porter trafalgar

Refusing to let wood steal the whole show, MR. PORTER also offers a hand-blown Linley ‘Trafalgar’ whisky decanter. Composed of lead crystal and vertically etched by craftsmen at the top of their game, the decanter emits a small light show every time light bounces of its premium surface and comes with a beautiful Rosewood stopper. From a luxurious watch tower to an artistic cufflink box, Linley infuses tons of personality into its products, proving that high end home decor doesn’t always mean clinical modernity lacking any charm.

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mr porter plywood box