The Dell House by Elliott Architect Was Inspired by Nature

The Dell House is a cross-shaped house that was designed by Elliott Architects. This house is in the running for the 2017 Regional Riba Award—which recognises visionary, innovative architectural design.

The house was built for a family that wanted a home that was sensitive to the surrounding area, while also being fun.This family desired a sort of magical secret woodland home, according to Elliott Architects.

dell house evening view from outside

Located in Northumberland, England, the Dell House was adapted to the sloping forested area that it sits on. Made up of two pieces that intersect like a cross, this home features different elements that represent the wooded setting, including slate, masonry and untreated timber.

Inside the house, the cross-like design separates the public areas from the living areas of the home. Due to the uneven site, the ground floor is raised on a concrete platform. The living room, dining area and kitchen are all located on the first floor. Upstairs, there are four bedrooms, including a master suite with private balcony.

dell house dining room architecture

Minimal interiors feature oak furniture and accents to pay tribute to the wooded area just outside the windows. Skylights allow plenty of natural light to flood the first floor.

The kitchen and dining area feature an open floor plan with an exposed brick wall along the back. This perfectly contrasts with the snow white cupboards and countertops.

dell house living room architecture

In the living room is a wood stove with a harvest-gold coloured sofa. Large sliding glass doors lead to a concrete platform outside and provide fantastic views of the wooded forest. This area is perfect for summertime entertaining.

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dell house dining bookshelf roof decoration

dell house architecture

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