Delmare Ocean Table Brings The Sea to Your Living Room

If you’ve got a penchant for elegantly designed furniture with your home décor, then you’ve got at least one good reason to love the Delmare Ocean Table by the famed artist Eduard Locota. Made to emulate the look and feel of the ocean, the Delmare Ocean Table can fit in nicely with just about any style of interior decorating imaginable.

Made from premium blue-green acrylic glass and white marble, this table is incredibly strong and easy on the eyes. Acrylic glass is one most transparent materials on the planet- and one of the toughest. It has seven times the impact resistance strength of regular glass- making it one of the safest glass tables in the world.

You will not have to walk on eggshells around this table like you do with other glass tables- because it simply will not break- not that you would test it. Slam your drink down roughly, leave it outside, seat your poker playing friends around it and worry no more.

delmare ocean table side view

But when you lay eyes on this unique table, you’ll quickly realize that durability isn’t half of its appeal. Where the Delmare Table really wins you over is its being incredibly easy on the eyes. To put it simply, it’s a work of art- and not the sort of modern art that insults your intelligence and offends your sensibilities- no, it’s genuinely stunningly beautiful.

Check it out

delmare ocean table bottom side

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