Dress Your Lounge Room With La Table

If you read the description of this little number on their quirky Facebook page you’ll both have a chuckle and realise that sometimes it does take a sprinkling of madness to create true art. And when true art also serves a practical purpose that’ll have everybody who sees it talking, it’s definitely worth a mention. This project is simply called ‘La Table’, and is the brainchild of Alexander Chapelin and Lapierre Patrick.

 lounge room with sky color la table

The photos are somewhat self-explanatory, but probably don’t do this beautiful collection of furniture justice. While it looks like it would probably weigh more than is sensible for twelve strong men to carry, the marble and stone blocks that have been set in resin then cut to perfection make a coffee table that doesn’t need coffee table books to make your pad look like you’re an interesting person who knows how to jam. They look a tad like the hybrid of a coral reef sans the flamboyant fish, and a distant galaxy filled with cosmic wonderment, and they’re probably one of the few bits of rare fandangle that can bring a room to life without looking like an overpriced bit of flashy show-offery.

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