Dump Your Accessories in Style With Maxx&Unicorn

We’ve featured Maxx&Unicorn before, but for those in need of a refresher, here’s a quick synopsis. They are an American-made goods company which produces excellent, high quality products designed for everyday use. Starting from simple leather wallets, the brand has expanded their offerings over the years, and a new release features excellently crafted wooden valey trays.

The trays are made of Solid American woods, including Walnut and Maple, and come in a few different styles to fit everyone’s needs. To add an extra bit of character and quality, it is finished with a durable, low-sheen varnish. The trays look great and can hold everything fom your wallet to your keys, but there’s one especially unique factor. The trays otched to hold your smart phone, so you can use it as a horizontal clock, a viewing stand, or just a cool place to leave your phone.

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maxx&unicorn keys holder

maxx&unicorn viewing stand