The Dyson V8 Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner Sucks…In a Good Way

We kind of feel sorry for those working in the cord industry because it seems like their days of employment might be numbered. Thanks to the latest in wireless technology there may even come a point in the near future where we human beings simply never have to look down in fear of tripping again.

Naturally, the vacuum cleaner is no stranger to the cordless craze. Leading the way in terms of cord-free technology and innovative engineering is Dyson. The seasoned mega-brand recently unveiled its new V8 Vacuum Cleaner and not only does the V8 offer a cord-free experience but a slew of upgrades as well.

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Expect such unfettered domestic luxury to come with a relatively hefty price tag, but you’ll definitely see where your money went when un-boxing this baby and destroying all the dust and debris in its path. Read on for a breakdown.

dyson v8 vacuum cleaner design


We’re fairly certain that Dyson poached its engineers straight out of MIT because their latest products hinder on revolutionary in terms of design and engineering. For starters the V8 is super thin and supremely light, weighing in at only 2.6kg. At the top is a handheld component that can be detached and quite simply looks like a weapon you’d see in a comic book movie or at the very least something behind the glass in a hardware store.

In other words don’t be fooled by the effortless mobility–expect some true power from both the stick mode and handheld mode, as well as top-shelf durability by way of resilient materials used in the V8’s construction. That durability extends to the bin, which was made using the same kind of polycarbonate used in riot shields.

dyson v8 vacuum cleaner in hand

On the purely visual front the Dyson V8 uses eye-pleasing colours like orange, blue and red, but this really isn’t a machine where you spend too much time talking about the hood as much as what’s underneath it, namely a bar-setting digital motor and the latest tech to emerge from the Dyson labs. At the end of the vacuum stick is a direct drive cleaner head and soft roller that will conquer chunky debris and micro-dust alike with the same degree of effortless suction.

The V8 also employs a new state of the art emptying mechanism that’s so efficient it will make everything else look like a hassle by comparison. It works by utilizing a rubber collar that eliminates dirt off the shroud to ensure no scraps are left behind and that you don’t have to get your hands dirty. You just lift the ejector, watch the dust and debris fall out and then pop it shut with the same ease of snapping your fingers. The bin is also larger than previous models.

dyson v8 vacuum cleaner on the floor


Needless to say the V8 performs so well that it will essentially spoil you. In other words this is what you might call a “point of no return” vacuum cleaner because once you use it no other vacuum will suffice. Between the cord-free experience, the incredible lightness, the state of the art motor, the handheld component that looks like some sort of weapon and the efficient hygienic dirt ejector there’s basically no detail that was left unexamined by Dyson. That includes sound as well–this smooth beast utilizes the latest in acoustic technology and is 50% quieter than previous models.

The V8 also comes with a docking and charging station and longer battery life of 40 minutes. There’s a runtime indicator so you can keep track of how much battery power is left in the machine while using it. Also, you might notice when first holding this product that it simply feels different than other vacuum cleaners and that’s in part due to the fact that the motor and battery are located near the hand, which again makes for a lighter experience.

dyson v8 vacuum cleaner performance


You can probably guess by now what we might say about the V8’s usability. We’ll say it anyway–this thing sucks…and we mean that in the best way possible. For your convenience it includes different power modes depending on the objective. Overall there’s 115AW of suction at your disposal, which represents a small but significant upgrade from previous generations.

As if that wasn’t enough the V8 also comes with a set of tools, each one specializing in tackling a specific kind of dust or debris. So if there’s cat hair on the furniture you release one tool off the handheld component with ease and attach another one that targets pet hair. Speaking of pet hair, the V8 also comes equipped with whole machine filtration that vanquishes allergens and emits clean air. Yeah, this thing is definitely usable!

dyson v8 vacuum cleaner side view


Some brands put tons of innovation into their products in an effort to achieve painstaking precision. It costs the brand a pretty penny to yield such results and that cost is often relayed onto the price of the product itself. In other words yes, the Dyson V8 will cost you more than you’ve possibly ever spent on a vacuum cleaner. But entailed in that price tag is luxurious efficiency and premium durability. In the long run buying something like the V8 might very well save you money because you may never have to buy another vacuum cleaner again. Plus, your allergies will thank you.

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