The East Trentham House by Adam Kane Architects

East Trentham is a peaceful, country town about one hour north of Melbourne in the breathtaking Macedon Range. The East Trentham House by Adam Kane Architects makes the most of the rural surroundings. Used as a weekend retreat for the owner, this modern home is a perfect combination of rustic charm and contemporary style.

east trentham house shade bar varanda view

As to not compete with the natural beauty surrounding it, the exterior of this house is a monotone grey colour. It perfectly complements the beautiful wooden pergolas and European garden outside. Polished concrete was used to add sophistication and refinement to the home. Large country-style timber-framed windows add charm to the home.

east trentham house kitchen desk and tool view

A dark barn serves as a foil for the surrounding greenery. The surrounding pergolas are both beautiful and functional. They can be used throughout the seasons.

Inside the home are some hand-crafted details, including custom cabinetry throughout the home, scraped timber floors and hand-glazed wall tiles in the bathroom.

east trentham house living room decoration

The living area features a contemporary acorn-colored couch along with a modern plum chair. A large area rug adds warmth and country charm. A tall lamp with an oversized shade serves to draw attention to the corner, making the room appear bigger than it is.

The master bedroom has a grey and white colour scheme with wood accents throughout the room. The large windows perfectly showcase the beautiful grounds outside.

east trentham house bedroom decoration with outside view

Outfitted with large white cabinets, the kitchen is very modern. It features sleek lines and a large stone bar and counter top. In keeping with the rest of the house, the bathroom is very minimal, as well.

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east trentham house bathroom architecture

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