Enjoy Life One Glass at a Time with your Own Personal Sommelier – Plum Super-Automatic Wine Appliance

We all love wine, I know I do. So, when I first came across this, I was off my head. Not like, off my head in terms of alcohol, but in excitement. Introducing the first super-automatic wine appliance by Plum. It is a temperature-controlled storage unit for two 750ml bottles that are kept at separate temperatures.

plum wine appliance

The wine is photographed and automatically identified from the database of more than six million wines. The image of the wine will appear on the front screen, while the integrated cooling chills each bottle to match the ideal pouring temperature. A motorised, double-cored needle pierces the closure and pressurises the bottle of wine with argon gas, which keeps oxygen out without affecting the wine. The needle stays in the bottle and the bottle remains pressurised until it’s empty to prevent any oxygen from entering the system. The patent-pending needle design is able to puncture through any closure including natural cork, artificial cork, engineered cork, and even metal screw caps.

wine plum machine

With a push of a button, this revolutionary creation disperses wine in one ounce tasting pours or five ounce portions. This is every winemakers and wine connoisseurs dream.

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