Epic Isolation – J+M Minimal Japanese Prints

Organic exquisiteness. Understated elegance. Transcendent simplicity. These are just a few descriptions we’ve come to associate with both Japan’s landscapes and its best products. Commemorating the country’s unmistakable ability to constantly say more with less are Auckland-based photographers Johnny McCormack and Meighan Ellis. Together they’ve released a series of minimalist prints that capture the singularly vast aesthetic of Japan’s natural beauty.

j plus m minimal japanese prints foggy

From each print expect vibes of stark isolation reconciled by a sense of spiritual design: the image of a lone tree symmetrically perched amidst a white winter landscape, or massive jagged cliffs hanging over a strikingly textured sea, or two trees immersed in fog. Nature’s mystery and divinity looms large over the terrain, with any traces of mankind noticeably absent from almost every frame.

j plus m minimal japanese prints sky

Accordingly, the images at first instil viewers with feelings of abandon or loss, however those fleeting impressions quickly segue into an internal wave of unspoken, profound serenity. And while some of the visuals capture landscapes in a state of epic repose, others depict nature in the midst of action–waves crashing or clouds rolling–the intrinsic stillness of photography juxtaposing with the kinetic energy of the subject. The image becomes something simultaneously violent and tranquil as it unifies solitude with solidarity to bone-chilling effect.

j plus m minimal japanese prints wave

The brilliant J+M Graphics are printed on fine archival paper and framed in a white frame box mounted behind perspex, set to the back of the frame. The prints are available through Specified Store, an Australian retailer specialising in lifestyle products that emphasise practicality by way of clean, unfettered design. These graphics definitely fit right in with Specified Store’s overall aura, and would likewise duly heighten any modern home or office interior. These are some truly spectacular images.

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j plus m minimal japanese prints white sky

j plus m minimal japanese prints green field

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