Hey Siri, Turn on the Sprinklers – Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

Sprinkler systems aren’t exactly a new innovation, nor are they exactly cheap. To put in a new system is going to take either a whole lot of backbreaking work, or a large financial investment. Of course, you can always opt for the old school method of hand watering and putting out a hose and a sprinkler, but you don’t want to be tied down to a watering schedule.

Eve Aqua has come up with a smart water controller that replaces the automatic watering system without all the investment, and the old school approach without tying you down.

water controller with app

The Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller attaches to your outdoor water faucet. Once you’ve hooked it up, attach a hose with a sprinkler placed where watering is needed. You can control Eve Aqua with a touch of the integrated button, or control Eve Aqua with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Siri.

You can also set up a watering schedule and let Eve Aqua take care of turning on and off the water. Even if you’re not home, you can turn on the water using your smart device. Eve Aqua also uses an app to calculate your water usage over time, so that you’re not surprised by a huge water bill at the end of the month.

eve aqua box

You can leave Eve Aqua completely alone thanks to its automation, as well as it IPX4 water resistance and Australian-certified UV protection. Set it up once and never bother with it again.

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