Evergreen Herb Home Herb Pot

I only need a couple of teaspoons of chopped coriander for my Tandoori chicken marinade, not an Amazonian jungle’s worth. I have no idea why fresh herbs from the supermarket can only be purchased in rainforest-sized bundles that just ended up wasting away in the fridge. Instead of wasting precious food and plant life, why not grow your own herbs with the Evergreen Herb pot by Cult Design of Sweden.

The Evergreen Herb is a super-stylish mini herb garden allowing you to pick fresh herbs on a dish-by-dish basis, whilst the remaining herbs stay lush and luxuriant in their happy little home. If you lack a green thumb, do not worry, as the only maintenance you need to perform is to top up the water storage container weekly and if the herbs become too wet, the terracotta pot breathes and your plant stays healthy.